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today rowan hit the ice for a hockey game. Since the NHL is locked out, he figured he had a good shot to make the team. It was a hard fought game, but he ended up with a goal, an assist, and a fight. His face got a little banged up, but you should see the other guy.

today rowan ensured that the cargo got picked up and dropped off at the proper place, completed en-route paperwork, and made sure the train and all the railway crew members followed the applicable safety rules and practices.  his efficiency was recognized and will be getting a bonus at the end of the month. 

today rowan went buck huntin.  it was opening day for bow in his zone.  he was up at the crack of dawn to set up in his favorite spot.  he had seen some good lookin buck and could not believe he snagged this beauty of an 8 pointer.  it will be enough venison to get his family through the winter.

today rowan had to inspect equipment at a new construction site.  he made sure everything was up to code and safe to use. another day, another dollar. 

today rowan had a rough day at the track. everything was going great for him early in the day, but by the 3rd race, he lost it all. 

today rowan tried out for the lacrosse team. tryouts were really grueling, but he made the team.  he took it a little too far during the first game though when they lost to norwich. tough break. 

today rowan volunteered with the habitat for humanity organization. he worked all day building a house for a needy family. once all the finishing touches were made, the crew handed over the keys to the family and celebrated with a nice cold drink. 

today rowan celebrated the opening of his own brewery and tasting room by pouring samples of some of his award winning beers. this was a long time coming as it was his dream he shared for years with his father. 

today rowan completed a 6-week pilot training program at flight school. after passing the course he took the intruder out for a quick ride over the skies of manhattan. it was a beautiful sight. 

today rowan played an exclusive concert to a sold-out crowd at carnegie hall. he played all their favorites, and received a standing ovation at the end. he doesn’t play live very often, but whenever he does, it is a very special experience for him. 

Rowan tries out different personalities and career choices each day.